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Flower in Sunlight

Seed your dreams

Program Introduction

2023 Dates TBA



Join me for a gentle,  supportive conversation exploring the insights and ideas you'll soon be planting in your garden!  Receive guidance, support and practical tools for cultvating your dreams.


If you are beginning a new project or business, creating a new offer or pivot, or intending a life change, this space will support you.

Pre-registration is required for this free workshop


what does your inner wisdom
long to create?

Just as a seed contains everything it needs inside to germinate and grow, your being contains a full set of instructions

to create all that you desire.

What will we be doing  in this workshop?

Preparing for Winter, we begin to put the garden to bed. The rapid lush growth of Spring and the bountiful harvest of Fall is behind us, and yet the dormant phase is still teeming with life, possibility and creation.


So it is with our ideas, our projects and our aspirations in life and business. 


How can we make the most of this opportunity to nurture and nourish our insights and ideas into fruition? 


Join this workshop for a gentle, interactive, supportive journey through some of the following questions:


  • What are the conditions needed to see your idea through and how can you create them? 


  • How can you harness the excitement of your insights and utilize that powerful energy for action?


  • What can you do when your tender seedlings are threatened by pests (self doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, resistance, etc)


This workshop is a prerequisite for the Seed Your Dreams coaching program beginning Spring 2024, but as a standalone workshop it is also very valuable.  If you don’t see yourself attending the full program you are still more than welcome to attend! 


Register for free here, or contact me with any questions you may have! 



led by Jessica Gutierrez,
Web of Life Coaching

life and business coach with a knack for connecting the dots,  making leaps of faith, and creating magic in lliminal spaces.

Sunil J

“ Exactly what I needed, you gave me so much space and dropped in questions to help me go deeper”


" got so inspired after talking to you, I designed my business card on Canva,

using my own acrylic painting as a design"



My feet have wings! "

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