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What people say about working together

Transformational Life Coaching

“The outcomes have been very profound for me, a transformation from feeling paralyzed and mired in quicksand and drowning,  to now having so much hope. I have happiness, I have joy, I have a sense of who I am and who I can become. I feel powerful. I feel centered. I feel like I can meet life’s challenges. And I feel trusting in the connection that I have to the universe and other people. I know now how to create a safe space for myself and my children, to move towards the things that I desire, to be of service and reclaim who I am”.

Holistic Business Coaching

“I enrolled in monthly coaching sessions with Jessica because I needed help in sharing the deep why’s that drive what I do in my business. As an intuitive and insightful person she has gently challenged me to dig deeper into my purpose and courageously live out of my purpose in both my business and personal life. I especially appreciate that she never seems to have her own agenda or answers but comes alongside with just the right questions to help me find my answers. I would recommend Jessica to any individual or small business owner seeking to articulate their purpose and vision and effectively live it out.”

Transformational Life Coaching

“I was feeling really stuck - stuck in making decisions, stuck in setting goals, stuck in moving forward in my life. Working with Jessica provided structure, accountability and helped me organize my thoughts and feelings. I had lost a lot of trust in myself while trying to heal my physical body and our work helped me gain that trust back. She taught me how to trust working through my held beliefs and fears.  I remembered that I have all the answers inside of myself. I have more tools now to follow my heart with more confidence and listen to my intuition. I would highly recommend a coaching program with Jessica to anyone who feels stuck and is ready to expand”.


Susie Lewis

Holistic Business Coaching

"Jessica has a rare ability to hold space, ask helpful questions and provide informed guidance based on where and how her clients most need it. Her experience with having run her own business, being trained in various healing modalities and having excellent listening skills affords her the gift of being able to approach our time together with care, intelligence, practicality and healthy boundaries. She has helped me feel supported and hopeful when I really needed it, as well as gain clarity for the next actions and direction within my business. “ 

Stacey Levno, Dancing Reeds Healing

Transformational Life Coaching

"After one coaching session with Jessica I felt a veil of fog lift after months of confusion, fretting and exhaustion. She gently guided me through a nurturing meditation and energized my spirit in such a loving and supportive manner. 
Thank you for sharing your dear heart and guidance with me, Jessica!"


Holistic Business Coaching

"Working with Jessica is always a joy! She gently coaxes me out of my comfort zone and holds a safe space for me while I confront my fears and old thought patterns so that I may restructure my thinking and move forward with confidence. I was wanting to expand my massage business but was unsure of what to do first and was holding myself back with fears of failure. Jessica helped me prioritize my "to-do" list and actually follow through with it. When my fears popped up and threatened to push the whole plan back into a perpetual "idea phase," Jessica helped me to examine the fear and where it was coming from so that I was able to push through and overcome it. My plans for expansion are now moving forward with ease and I am able to stay on track much better than ever before thanks to the thought repatterning tools she helped me develop. I appreciate that throughout the coaching sessions she asked me to commit to particulars of my plan and then held me accountable in a very non-judgemental way. I highly recommend working with Jessica!"

Brooke Poletti, Ritual Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork

Heartful Healing Circle Group Sessions

"I highly recommend becoming a part of Jessica’s next group. For myself, I found a sense of community, rediscovered a sense of inner peace through meditation, found a new way of looking at things and met new friends. Our group centered on a book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, amazing book.  Jessica’s ability to lead a group, her wisdom, compassion and inner peace brought out profound conversation and thinking.  She allowed space for each of us to present our thoughts and our own insights which allowed each of us to learn more.  I am looking forward to Jessica’s next group – can’t wait!"
Marlene Berger

Transformational Life Coaching

"With Jessica's help, I learned to approach change and difficulties with a more open heart, more flexibility, and forgiveness (including myself). These are life skills that serve me everyday."


Holistic Business Coaching

"This week I had a business coaching session with Jessica Gutierrez. Yet it was so much more than that. She gently and lovingly helped me remembe the big picture and why I do what I do. She challenged me. She supported me. I highly reccomend her work for anyone who needs help with business development from a whole being perspective."

Mia Gleason, Bitter Rose Bodywork

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