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Web of Life

Coaching & Consulting


Power, Purpose & Possibility 

Thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to consider yourself as the weaver of your beautiful life, where all things are connected and meaningful.

You are not like nature, you ARE nature. 

You know this deeply. The knowing is at the very core of your being, and yet like all human beings, you find it challenging sometimes to remember the unchanging essence that is to you like the ocean is to the wave. I help you remember and stay more connected to that as your create your best life.

If my work is a fit for you, you value freedom, expression, love, honesty, authenticity, spiritual connection, depth and truth.


As a community, my clients and I desire a life that is deep, soulful, joyful, powerful and meaningful, whether we are creating business, personal or financial transformation.

In our work together, we commit to heart-centered, soul-focused truth telling and inner exploration. 

If you're curious to learn more about what my clients work on with me, or how we might be be a fit for your goals, please reach out and schedule a complimentary session.

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Whatever you are creating in your life at this time, I invite you to a complimentary conversation where we will explore your desires, ideas, and vision and how I can help bring them to physical reality.


You are not the drop in the ocean,
You are the ocean in a drop



I can help you


I help you embody possibilities and power, hear your infinite inner wisdom, and see the connections between all of the parts of yourself and the world. I'm a leaper of faith, a weaver of webs, a wild woman, mother of a precious being, child of this beautiful earth.  Let's explore the web of life together and weave your incredible piece of it in wonder, abundance, joy, service and love.


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