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Web of Life

Coaching & Consulting


Power, Purpose & Possibility 

In this space, you are invited to connect with your center in the web of life ... to experience the 
interweaving of you and your life with everything that exists.

You are one with all that is.


You know this deeply, it is at the very core of your being, and yet like all of us, you find it challenging to remember on a daily basis.

I work with you in a sacred coaching container to integrate your knowing into life, business, relationship and finances. 

My clients value freedom, authenticity, spiritual connection, depth and truth. As a community, we are professionals, wellness practitioners, bodyworkers, therapists, coaches, guides, healers,  mystics, social workers, mamas, teachers,  artists and creative entrepeneurs who desire a life that is deep, soulful, joyful, powerful and meaningful .

In our work together, we commit to heart-centered, soul-focused commitment  as we create overflowing abundance in business, life, relationships and money.  In 1:1 coaching programs,  consulting contracts, or even in group programs or my free facebook group, we make magic happen.


Are you ready to begin? Whatever you dream, you can do.

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Whatever you are creating in your life at this time, I invite you to a complimentary conversation where we will explore your desires, ideas, and vision and how I can help bring them to physical reality.

Schedule a fun, helpful,
no-obligation, no-sales-pitch call with me today. 

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution"

Deepak Chopra

I can help you


I help you embody possibilities and power, hear your infinite inner wisdom, and see the connections between all of the parts of yourself and the world. I'm a leaper of faith, a weaver of webs, a wild woman, mother of a precious being, child of this beautiful earth.  Let's explore the web of life together and weave your incredible piece of it in wonder, abundance, joy, service and love.

“Rather than the need to heroically save the whole world, the real work of humanity at this time may be to awaken the unique spark and inner resiliency of genius within each person.”

— Michael Meade


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